Frozen River Film Festival '24: Healthy Lake Winona

Today on Art Beat, we take a look at the 18th annual Frozen River Film Festival and sit down with local filmmaker Mary Farrell to talk about her film, Healthy Lake Winona, which was shown at this year’s festival. The film follows the efforts of local organizers dedicated to cleaning up Lake Winona. The Healthy Lake Winona committee was formed in 2014 by a group of local citizens in an effort to improve the quality of the lake. In the film, Farrell documents the groups efforts to address problems with the lake including runoff, invasive species and the goose population. The Frozen River Film Festival is a yearly event showcasing many films including local filmmakers focusing on community-based documentaries. I’m Abby Hawkey, join us as KQAL’s Dylan Alzate sits down with local filmmaker Mary Farrell from the 2024 Frozen River Film Festival, today on Art Beat.

Original air date: 04/02/24

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